What would happen if You became seriously ill, disabled or suddenly passed away?

It’s not something we want to spend much time worrying about, but with the right life covers in place you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family will remain financially secure should the unexpected happen.

The problem with taking out insurance over the phone or "DIY" online is that without proper professional advice from someone with the right training, systems and experience, you will only know something isn't covered when it comes time to make a claim. Are you going to risk it all on what you know about insurance?

Our advice is simple: Don't delay or take short-cuts with Life insurance and related covers.

We have experienced advisers

We recommend you take the time to meet with one of Essential Insurances experienced advisers and discuss the range of options that are could be available to you, your family or your business.

We choose from well-known and reputable insurance providers to provide the products and benefits that we recommend and to assist our advisers with their recommendations, we engage two independent research company’s, IRESS and Quote Monster(QPR) whose comprehensive research systems provide analysis of personal and business risk insurance products. They rate all insurance providers and most banks in New Zealand based on policy benefits.

Better options with Private Medical Cover

Private Medical Cover provides the funding to enable you to have private hospital treatment whenever you require more immediate access or a broader range of treatment options than are available to you through the public system.

Protect your family Life & Life Income Cover

This cover provides your loved ones with a lump-sum or monthly payment (or a combination of both) in the event of death or terminal illness, making their financial future more secure.

Peace of mind Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover provides a lump-sum payment in the event of a serious illness or accident, giving you financial freedom to control your own destiny; seek alternative treatment, get the help you need or replace a lost income.

Financial Safety Mortgage Cover

Mortgage Repayment Cover provides a monthly payment to cover the cost of your mortgage if you are unable to work because of a disability. Peace of mind that your home remains secure if you can’t work.

This is a great option Household Expenses Cover

Household Expenses Cover provides a monthly payment to cover the costs for your household expenses which are: Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone, Rent, Rates, Paid Television and Internet.

Monthly Payments Income Cover

Provides a monthly payment if you are unable to work due to a total or partial disability which reduces your ability to earn your normal income.The monthly benefit is designed to replace a significant portion of your lost income to help maintain your lifestyle and continue to plan for your future during treatment and recovery.

We can help you Total & Permanent Disability Cover

Total and Permanent Disability Cover (TPD) provides a lump sum payment should you completely lose your ability to ever work again(or carry on your normal tasks, if you are not employed),as a result of illness or injury. You can use this lump sum to pay off debt, replace a lost income, pay for rehabilitation or any additional help you may need.

Great option Premium Cover

Premium Cover provides a financial safety net should you suffer a total or partial disability lasting longer than your chosen waiting period. The monthly benefit is designed to relieve you of the financial responsibility of paying your policy premium during treatment and recovery.

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