Are you a Business Owner or Self Employed

Most people think that because they pay their ACC levies, they will be covered if they have an accident. Depending on your business and ACC structure this might not be the case. Many business people do not know what will happen to them or their business, especially in the event of an illness as you are not covered under ACC.

Essential Insurances will help by offering an assessment where we gather information about your current situation and needs. We understand not everyone is the same, therefore, we tailor our advice to suit your needs. As part of the information we gather we will ask about your ACC levies that you are currently paying.

Essential Insurances will assess your situation and work out a solution optimised for your business and personal needs. Our goal at Essential Insurances is to help you save money, while ensuring that your ACC and insurance needs are fully covered in the event of an accident or illness.


Proven successful track record

If you are a business owner or self employed we recommend that you talk to an Essential Insurances financial adviser today, as we have helped many of our clients over the years by self-insuring in conjunction with Cover Plus Extra.

We can help you ACC unravels the knots

If you’re personal income is not a true reflection of your actual earnings. For example, you might split your income with a partner or spouse, or take advantage of options to reduce your tax. Your income fluctuates from year to year….have we got news for you.

This is a great option ACC Cover Plus Extra

ACC Cover Plus Extra is a great option for self-employed people and non-PAYE shareholder-employees. To qualify you must work 30 hours or more a week or, if you work part-time, earn an income that’s above the current ACC Cover Plus Extra minimum income requirements. (which changes every year)

Some of the Benefits you will receive

  • More or less cover – you choose
  • Full access for treatment and rehabilitation
  • Know what you’re paying ACC every year
  • No matter what you earn
  • ACC payment plans for 3 or 10 months
  • No proof of loss required at claim time
  • Claim value agreed 24/7 no fault cover
  • Balance of illness & accident, why pay too much?
  • Pay for what you do, not the company name
  • Less complicated ACC Invoices


If you can’t work full time or continue receiving business earnings because of your injury, you will still qualify for 100% of your agreed cover with ACC Cover Plus Extra.

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