Maxine Parker

Maxine Parker

Financial Adviser

FSP597849 - 021 116 6525

Maxine came in to insurance after a varied career. Initially trained in social work and business, Maxine has worked in health, social services, sales, marketing and business development. Several years ago Maxine and her partner Dugal completed the ‘Certificate in Money Management’ course run by the Wananga.

It was a fantastic course and definitely impacted her outlook on money management. Since that time Maxine has been working in the financial services industry. Initially this was with tradies to help them put in place the best cover to enable them to focus on their work and not worry about the ‘bad stuff’ that may happen.

Maxine enjoys working with her clients to ensure that they understand what their needs are and to help the client select the most suitable insurance cover for themselves and/or family and to be clear on how this fits in with their financial goals and future plans.