Is your family protected if you lost your income?

Ensure you are covered, we will fit the right policy to suit your
situation with our customised and personalised service.

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One size does not fit all

Your family's needs are different to others, we will provide
you with our customised and personalised service.

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About Us You've come to the right place

Essential Insurances was established to take the mystery, and the misery, out of the insurance equation. We are here to make it easier for you to sleep at night knowing that if it all turns to custard, you have the knowledge and comfort knowing your income and family home is protected.

Don't wait till it's too late

We hear almost weekly about family and friends being diagnosed with serious medical problems and issues. This is when the right Trauma and Medical Cover is essential to help you and your family during those most difficult times.

One size does not fit all

Each family’s needs are different and individual to them, that’s why you need Essential Insurances to provide the right advice and tailor the correct insurance cover to suit your individual needs.

Find an Insurance Adviser

We recommend you take the time to meet one of our well trained Advisers and talk about business or personal cover.

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Why Choose Essential Insurances  

Client Support

Our Advisers and Support Team are only a phone call away. Inform our advisers what your goals and needs are, and they will advise and educate you on their recommendations, to ensure you understand how your insurance plan is fit for purpose for you and your family.

Client Focused

Our advisers and team pride themselves, in doing right by the client in every situation. We use the most up to date technology to make certain the process is timely and without delays with all our interactions with our clients but especially at the insurance underwriting stage and more importantly at claim time.

Annual Evaluations

Essential Insurances advisers perform annual evaluations with all our clients to ensure their current levels of cover are still fit for purpose, by reviewing your current needs and identifying any risks or obstacles that may prevent you from protecting these and reaching your goals.

Experienced Team

All our advisers keep up to date with industry best practice. Every Essential Insurances adviser are currently completing or have completed their Certificate in Financial Services Level 5, including some of our office support team. This helps build a team well qualified to provide you with professional financial advice.

Personalised Service

Every client’s situation is different, our Essential Insurances advisers tailor all recommendations to suit the individual and/or the family needs and goals, this ensures you get a bespoke service that will be fit for purpose.

Expert Partnerships

To deliver you, our clients, with the very best administered protection policies, our Essential Insurances advisers work with recognised partners throughout the industry. This ensures you receive the protection and policies that are right for you.

Happy Customers Essential Insurances Clients

Thank you Essential Insurances for sorting out my late mother's claim. Even though you had not sold her the policy or even dealt with this company, your professionalism in helping us get paid was really appreciated. Please thank Julie as well, as she always deals with things promptly.

Essential Insurances went beyond our expectations when I was diagnosed with cancer. They took control of our claim and we were absolutely thrilled with the amount that we received. We were impressed with the way Ray explained everything to us, his integrity was vital too us as our adviser.

I had a heart attack last year and had no idea that we could make a claim through the trauma insurance we took out in the 90's. Thank you for picking this up even though the insurance policy was done through another agent. You took the time to advise us with a great outcome.

Ray went through our current cover. My husband had a heart attack 7.5 years ago and the claim was declined. Ray was surprised and then underwent a full investigation as to why? After his investigation, we unfortunately were declined, however, he was able to have 7.5 years of premiums repaid back to us.

Thank you Essential Insurances and Julie for all your support, thank you Ray for starting me on this journey several years back. None of us realise until the time comes just how important it might turn out to be that we made such an important financial decision in taking out life insurance.

We were very happy with the process when dealing with the team at Essential Insurances. When we submitted a claim for heart surgery recently, it was simple, clear and fast and the claim was paid by Partners Life. Thank you for making this process so easy and for an amazing team to deal with.

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